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Legend Chronicles: Light and Darkness

At first, our worlds were separated by the walls; the barriers of the void that protected us from the dangers found in universes foreign to our own. Several timelines pass and various universe came and gone without interference beyond that of those that inhabited them. At first, this seemed like how order within those worlds were meant to be.

However, it appeared that things were bound to change, as the walls have slowly but surely began to decay. Holes and weak points began to rot their way into the walls, allowing for access between the collection of Alternate Universes that is now known as The Cosmos.

At first, we weren't even aware of the walls even existed, let alone that they were decaying. Yet through one means we came to learn that there were other universes beyond our own, each with different collections of stories to tell. This gave birth to three different factions; The Defenders of the Cosmos, made to protect the known universes from those that threaten them, The Shadow Brotherhood, an organization hellbent on ruling them all, and The Deadsquad, a group of mercenaries that commonly assist the other two factions for a quick buck.

Nowadays, the three sides are in a constant conflict with one another. As such, every new day is a chance for casualties of every form. This is why we need you. We see great potential to do wondrous things within you and want to help you reach that potential.

Our journeys are still continuing, but yours has only just begun...



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Tuesday, January 22, 2014
It's been a while since I updated the announcements, hasn't it? Anyways, there's a few brief things I wanted to bring up. vuv
  1. The 5th and 6th Episodes have been added. If anyone has an idea for the next arc, please send a note to the group explaining the idea.
  2. OCTs have now been added to LaD. As usual, there are deadlines to when submissions are made and the winner gets a prize for that OC. (If the winning OC is from the same world as the prize, they can be given to another OC the winner owns)
  3. There is now an official Skype chatroom for the group. If anyone wants to be added to it, feel free to say so to either the group or one of the founders of the group.


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Any other RP group can affiliate with our group. Considering this group is a Mega-Crossover one, any affiliated groups are free to note the group to request us to work with us to do whatever cross-group events they have in mind



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